Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gone Too Soon... again

Dear world, We have had enough. We would like to not have to attend any more funerals or calling hours, for a while. Thank you.

We got the call Friday night from Sean's best friend that his mom had died. She was only 65, hadn't been in the best health, but still caught everyone completely off-guard. Such a kind, fun and funny lady. I enjoyed every moment I spent with her.

When we went to the calling hours on Tuesday night, everyone in the family kept telling Sean that he was her favorite. I loved hearing stories about how in order to get her to come to a party, the kids would have to tell her that Sean would be there just so she would attend. She would instantly perk up and start getting ready.

She was the life of the party, enjoyed life and her family. The funeral yesterday was beautiful. Mike did a nice job during the eulogy and everyone enjoyed the luncheon afterwards where funny stories were told and Irish jigs were done in her honor. At night, the family went to the casino as they know she's currently winning big at the casino in the sky.

Rest in Peace, Betty.

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