Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tell All Tuesday

It's been a little while since I did a post of my random thoughts...
  • Well, I thought we were over the house hunt and going to put it off for a few more years. We found another builder that looked intriguing so tonight we will go and look at a few homes for sale. They aren't in the school district we were originally looking at, so I think we'd be looking to build somewhere else... and then could still hold off a little while.
  • Unless we get totally blown away tonight. We will see. There is a park right down the street (maybe in the development) complete with playground, basketball courts, etc...
  • Hunter doesn't want us to move and not have a pool for the summer.
  • Hunter goes both ways on moving... fresh start, new friends are the pros... leaving old friends is the main con. Though- he'll be driving in a year anyway and the magic of facebook would allow him to keep in touch with everyone. Plus- if we were to build, that takes time anyway between selling our house and actually starting the build.
  • But- the city we originally wanted to move to has much cheaper taxes... I cannot believe how much taxes are around here.
  • The kids are good. Owen is so sweet... If Quinlin says no to something, Owen is quick to swoop in and say yes. even the simplest things like wanting a kiss. "No Mama" says Quinlin and Owen chimes in "Mommy- I'll kiss you". or "No mama, don't sit next to me" and Owen says "Mommy- sit next to me". I think it's hilarious.
  • I'm missing $40 from my wallet this morning. Kind of pissed.
  • Sean is looking at a motor for his little green fishing boat tonight... hence realizing the $40 is missing. Again, pissed.
  • Hunter had a stomach bug last week and missed 2 days of school. so hard in high school to miss time. I hope he catches up and the grades don't fall too far behind.
  • Work is busy. I need catch up days...
  • On the meal front, I finally decided to start cooking again. Menu items for this week include(d)- chicken enchiladas, meatloaf, chicken Marsala, french dip sandwiches, and shrimp and broccoli pasta.
I think that's all my random rumblings for today... off to search for my money.

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