Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We almost bought a house

It's been a crazy few weeks for us. We innocently went to go meet with a builder and I fell in love with the model home...that was way more expensive than we ever were looking at. So- we walked through it, admired the builder's work, admired the details, the wood work, the kitchen and left knowing that if we were to build, we'd want to build with them.

During the meeting and afterwards, it was mentioned that they really needed to get the house off of the books. So- my realtor suggested that it doesn't hurt to put in an offer. We looked at our finances, ran numbers with my CFO, talked it over with my parents, etc and ultimately decided to put in an offer. We low-balled thm completely (I think $80K less than what it was currently on the market for). I didn't feel bad (like I was insulting them) as they knew our budget and knew what we were looking to spend anyway.

Well, they counter-offered us and dropped their price $35K. We decided, before offering more money, to take another walk through and really look into the house. And we walked away Monday night deciding it wasn't the house for us.

The garage was a side load, we need a front load for Sean's snowmobile and trailer. The office was large. It had a two story great room that I think looks pretty, but Sean thinks is a waste of space. For a house of that size (3600 sq feet) there was only 2.5 baths (would have expected more), and the master bedroom was rather large, yet the way they had it for furniture placement (where the bed and tv would go, for example) was awkward. And lastly- you could hear the turnpike when outside...

I left sad...I really loved the entryway, loved the hearth room, loved the idea of being in that house. But- today am ok. we made the right decision.


  1. Wow! You have been busy! The right house will come along for you, I know it!!! Perhaps in a development called NC? :) Wouldn't that be fun?

  2. Wow, it's all SOOO exciting though isn't it?! Our house is on the market right now just to see if there is any interest. We're not budging with our price and we're not in a hurry to sell... but when we start looking at homes it's SO easy to fall in love. Glad you feel like you made the right decision!!

  3. Wow, great pictures! Looks really nice! But there will always be more houses! It's such a trap to walk through models!! My husband and i sometimes walk through them just to look and almost every time i end up wanting either a new house or something renovated in our house.'s a wonder he lets me walk through them at all!! Good luck!