Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quinlin- 2 year stats!

I took Quinlin to the doctor on Tuesday for her 2 year well visit. It went so well- she performed on command, followed directions and was genuinely adorable (did I expect anything less?)

Now the main stats:
Weight- 31 pounds (90%)
Height- 34.25 inches (57%)
Head 47 cm

I thought she was thinning out...but it doesn't appear that way. In 6 months, she's gained 3 pounds and grown 2 inches. Hopefully she'll start evening out soon. Although, it doesn't matter. She's perfect and beautiful to us!


  1. what a cutie!! don't worry, olivia is ALWAYS in the 95% for weight. :)

  2. She is so precious! Glad to hear all went well at the doctor!!! Will miss seeing you this weekend, let me know when you are free to get together.