Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Owen's Trip to the Dentist

I took Hunter to the dentist on Monday and decided to let Owen tag along. Owen had been to the dentist previously, when he was 2...and it was very traumatic. So- I thought best to watch his brother get his teeth cleaned and see how it went.

We sat in a chair across from Hunter and as the dentist cleaned, Owen kept saying "It doesn't hurt. Look,'s not hurting him!" He was so intrigued by the entire appointment. And then it was his turn.

So excited to be sitting in the movable chair...
 The dentist counting his teeth (all I could remember was 10 on top)
 Getting his teeth cleaned. He looks in pan, but they told him to close his eyes.
 Fluoride... they said he looked like a duck. He thought it was so funny and kept quacking the entire time it was in his mouth.
 And we're done. Cheesy smile!
I was so proud of him. He did so well! And happy to report, all his teeth looked good! Hunter had a good appointment as well. No cavities, but could do a little better brushing. We cannot wait for those braces to come off!

(And a little shout out to my little nephew, Charlie who turns 1 today! Happy birthday, Charlie! We love you!!)

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