Thursday, March 29, 2012


Remember this post about the terrorist? Well, now I kind of feel guilty as we finally bit the bullet and took her into the doctor. She has been acting like crazy diva bitch because she hasn't been feeling well. I made an appointment for her explaining that she's had a lingering cough for 3 weeks (real chesty) and then a stuff nosed as well with caked on boogers galore. I also happened to mention that she was irritable as well and just not herself.

Sean picked her up from daycare and I met them at the doctor's office. She was happy as a clam, running and playing and I swear the front desk ladies were looking at us like we were nuts for bringing her in for a sick visit. We met with the doctor and she was diagnosed with a sinus infection. Antibiotic last night followed by some motrin and she was a new baby. Went to bed on her own, no tears and finally a peaceful night for Sean and I.

She's home today with Sean's mom (needs to be on antibiotics for 24 hours before allowed back to school) and I'm hoping she's having fun. I already received a text message of a picture of her sleeping on the couch. I know she's sick when she's sleeping at 10am. Owen is off at school, clueless that Quinlin isn't there today. Hopefully a non issue when we pick him up later!

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  1. Glad you got to the root of the problem - hope she starts to feel better real soon!