Friday, March 23, 2012

what we have been up to

Hmmm... let's see. where to begin with our updates. Bullet style maybe?
  • Home search officially on hold. We have narrowed down the city we want and now will wait to do anything. We would like to get more equity in our home and also save a little more towards a down payment and by waiting a tad longer, won't have to make Hunter transfer schools. He is towards the end of his freshman year and I believe that as long as he starts his senior year there, if we moved part way through, he could continue going there as long as he had his own transportation. Unless we get really antsy. He has said he'd be open to switching schools but we'd like to not have to have him do that if possible.
  • We did get blown away by the other builder that we saw a few weeks back. And, funny coincidence is that he lives at the far end of our current street. Crazy coincidence, right? We have since emailed back and forth a few floor plans, so the hope is that we pick out the house, know the price point and in time, just need to find the lot.
  • My Brother in Law and his family are moving to the city we want to move in. Will be so nice to have our kids grow up so close to each other. I love the development they are looking at too. (I wonder if Sean would be opposed to living THAT close to each other? haha- I doubt it)
  • Quinlin has been adorably sweet the last few weeks...and then all of a sudden today- diva bitch mode. I'm hoping she maybe just doesn't feel well.
  • The weather here has been amazing the past few days. 80* and sunny. I'll take it. We have been outside every night playing with the kids and not coming in until dark. It's been amazing. No tv- just family time.
  • Hunter is struggling with his grades. I cannot wait until this grading period ends so he can have a fresh start. I feel like I am so mean because I am so completely on him about his grades. I can't help it- I know he can do better.
  • On Tuesday night, he shaved his "mustache" for the first time. OMG- did I just say he had a mustache???? tee hee hee... just the little hairs growing at the corners of his mouth. Sean and Hunter's buddies started calling him Sanchez, so he knew it was time to finally do it. He was so excited- it was adorable.
and- what's a post without pictures???

 we went to a local park the other day. Sean and Owen decided to fish... Owen kept saying he thought he caught something. Poor little guy only had a bobber- no hook or bait. Oops.

Matching shirts. Love them!

Looking forward to the weekend! Girls night tonight and date night tomorrow. Yay!


  1. Diva bitch...bwahahahaha!!! Love your kids

  2. have a fun weekend - kiddos are as cute as ever!