Monday, January 9, 2012

Recap of the end of 2011

I have been meaning to do a recap of everything we have been up to but keep forgetting to grab my camera to load the pics. I guess those really just have pictures from the holidays but still fun to be able to share. It's been so long since I have posted, I wont remember everything, but here's a shot.

We went to the rainforest

 And watched a little TV....
 We played at the McDonald's kids land
 And opened some early Christmas presents

 We went to my parents for an early Hanukkah dinner and the kids got more presents

 Including a Dora backpack..
 That Quinlin needed to carry everywhere...

 We also started to wear underwear...but she didn't want the girlie ones, just Owen's.
 Christmas morning we woke up and opened presents galore

 and even slept with our new truck

 We got a new sled for Christmas, but there was no snow, so we used it to sit on while we watched tv

 We went to school after Christmas and wore one of our new sweaters that Grandma gave us... and proceeded to vomit on it as soon as we got to school. Needless to say, we were pretty sick during the holidays. 
 So instead of school, we hung out in our our sled.

 I got new boots. Now the search is on for skinny jeans that I actually like.
 We finally got snow and built a snowman
 Well, we played while Sean built

 "I can't put my arms down!"

 We stayed in for New Years and Sean made a fabulous dinner.
 This picture doesn't quite go with the recaps, but it was too funny to not include. Mrs. Potato Quinlin!
We've had a really nice last few weeks. Hopefully back to blogging more regularly. It's hard to remember everything we have done when I let it go for so long! Had a great dinner last night- will post recipe and pics tomorrow. Hopefully will post pictures from my camera as well from the holidays. And then this week, my baby turns two!

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