Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quinlin's 2nd Birthday Party (Picture Heavy)

Poor baby girl got the classic, 3rd child syndrome, I think. I wasn't even in full planning mode, and figured it was so small- just immediate family- so I never really planned. We threw together a menu for the party the day before- pizza, pulled pork, pasta salad, spinach dip and cake. My SIL brought over a good sausage dip as well- and of course, we ended up having too much food. But- a good time was had by all. Picture overload time...

First, her actual birthday:

 Off to school
 Chick Fil A for birthday dinner and playing
 We got home too late for presents, so this was the next night

 Quinlin's cabbage patch kid- Olivia Morgan- is welcomed into the family

 Sean thought he would be funny and shaved his beard to a  "don't I look like a gym teacher" mustache
 Playing with her new Tangled Barbie
 Speaking of hair, look at those curls!
 And now the party

 The standard cousins shot. I love watching them grow together.

It was a great time! Next week she will finally go to the doctor for her 2 year well visit. I'm excited to hear her stats and see where she is on the charts.

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  1. She looked so cute for her birthday party!! I loved her cake, so sweet!!!

    Have a nice weekend Shannon!!!!