Monday, January 30, 2012

Hunter turns 15!!!

‎15 years ago, my world changed. I was thrown into an incredible journey of motherhood with an amazing little guy who would become my very first knight in shining armor and has, to this day, grown into an amazing young man.

We celebrated on Friday (his actual birthday) and the poor guy had to wait until almost 6:30 to even open his gifts. I had been horribly sick all week and couldn't get in for a doctor's appointment until an open clinic at 5pm. So- I came home, we opened gifts, and then left the kids with a sitter and took Hunter out to dinner. I tried to be a trooper for him, but was just so incredibly miserable.

Anyway- back to gift opening:

 Owen and Quinlin tried to open most of the gifts. They were thoroughly disappointed when most were clothes.

 He did get a golf lesson with an instructor and simulator though as something fun to do.
 Owen loved wearing Hunter's new shirts!

 We took him to dinner and he was "too cool" to pose for pictures. hahaha

And- so it's a normal birthday post like his brother and sister, at 15, Hunter is 5'4, 108 pounds. He actually is now almost taller than me. I cannot believe it. Size 9 shoe, Adult S and M shirts, pants just now able to wear men's sizing (otherwise, size 16 at Old Navy).

I tried to do the birthday quiz on him...but he's too old to play along:

1. What's your name? Hunter ____
2. How old are you? 15 (eye roll)
3. Where do you live? (eye roll)
4. what is your favorite color? blue
5. what do you want to be when you grow up? a doctor or something with forensics
6. who is your favorite person? eye roll
7. who's your best friend? Mike
8. what is your favorite tv show? NCIS, CSI, Tosh, World's Dumbest
9. what is your favorite food? cheeseburgers, wings
10. what is your favorite drink? Sprite, Mountain Dew
11. what do you like to do for fun? snowboarding
12. what do you like to play outside? snowboarding or street football
13. what is your favorite song? too many to choose
14. what is your favorite movie? "I don't know Mom. Do I seriously need to keep answering?"
15. what is your favorite book? too many to choose

Happy birthday Hunter- we love you and are so proud of you!

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