Friday, October 28, 2011

Note to self...

Do not leave the computer on and in site of curious little hands. I do not know what said 3 year old's curious hands exactly pressed, but after coming downstairs to Sean yelling for me to get down there I discovered some images on the computer not meant for little eyes (or big eyes for that matter and I am not a prude). Oh the crazy internet.
Owen "Mommy- they were n_ked" not even realizing exactly what he was looking at.
Sean "Oh Owen- they must have just taken a bath"

Good explanation, Sean. We quickly asked Hunter if he was playing on the computer. An even quicker "no" came from his mouth that he isn't stupid and wouldn't risk being grounded forever. So- note to self...shut down if not in use.


  1. OM.MY.GAWD! ughhhh Yes, it's a bittersweet piece of technology for sure! Scary at what's at your finger tips ESP when not trying to access it! I know a few months back I was looking for some images for my blog, I can't remember what I typed in but about fell out when the images appeared, lol.

    Have a great weekend sweets:)

  2. Oh wow!!! We made the mistake of leaving the laptop open the other day, but our problem was that Sydney ripped off 23 of the keys.

  3. Oh my goodness!! When Hayls was younger, she spilled her water all over the computer. That was the end!

  4. LOL. Uh oh. Well, it's bound to happen sometimes with those curious little fingers :)

  5. Oh no what fast little fingers!! Glad their minds are still so innocent that they don't understand what it really was. :)