Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a long weekend through work and were given a partial day on Thursday and Friday off. It's amazing how when the long weekend starts, you think you have so much time, and before you know it, it's Sunday night, you're putting away all the laundry and setting outfits out for the next day.

Friday morning I went back to the salon to get my hair fixed. I don't think I referenced on here about my hair...but I went to the salon a week ago and just got a trim but decided to put some blond back into it. Well the blond totally damaged my ends. I didn't really notice anything right away, but my sister in law was over and noticed I had hair dye all over the back of my shirt. I spoke to my stylist who suggested hair spray to lift the stain. I tried it and most came out but it's still ruined. She told me the salon doesn't do anything in regards to if items get damaged (WTF, it's not like I asked for my shirt to be ruined) but said maybe she could take 10 or 20% off the next time I came in. Yes please. Anyway, the following day, I noticed all my ends were still damaged- if not worse from the blond, so I contacted my stylist and she squeezed me in on Friday to fix it. I don't know if it's fixed, but it will do for now.

We also got the new entertainment unit delivered on Friday. I refuse to post pictures until it's staged with the right photos/ accessories, but it looks pretty cool. Pretty massive though on our wall. We spent Friday afternoon hooking up the new TV and we love it. We then picked up the kids and attempted soccer. Let's just say, at 3 years old, soccer just isn't our thing...

The team all gathered to learn, then there was Owen...

 He mixed in with his teammates for a little...
 then decided he didn't want to play and carried off his ball...

 they were practicing their penguin kicks, Owen went behind the goal to do his own.
 a little "what time is it Mr. Fox" and Owen just stood by the goal

 and watched.
 I believe it was at this point we decided we were done.
So- needless to say, I think we are hanging up the shin guards for the season.

Friday night Sean went to the local bar with his buddy in town from Columbus and I stayed in with the kids. He did bring me home some wings (yay). Saturday he went to a golf outing and I had plans and then I went to my girlfriend's annual slumber party. So much fun. It was such a gorgeous night that we sat outside on the patio and drank wine and ate (and ate).

Sunday morning we took the kids to the kiddie park. Knowing it was going to be one of the last weekends to be able to do something fun like that, we went there as opposed to the usual pumpkin patches as we knew those would be crowded. The kiddie park was empty. It was fantastic.


They had a blast- it really is fun to have the two of them so close in age to do this kind of thing together. Sean wanted to ask his friends if they wanted to meet us up there with their kids, but I liked that it was just us and they could ride together.

The rest of Sunday was mostly lazy. My parents came over so the kids got to spend time with them and we had dinner and they helped me bathe them, etc while Sean was at work.

It was a good weekend.

Is it Friday yet?

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