Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap- a Pumpkin Patch (picture heavy)

Another low key weekend for us. We wanted to take the kids to an inflatable jump zone on Friday night but Mr. Owen didn't cooperate so we stayed in. Hunter went to the high school football game and I caught up on my dvr. all in all- not a bad night.

On Saturday, I drove to where I grew up and attended a wake for a friend from high school who's father passed away. it was nice to see old high school friends- people I had lost touch with though reconnected with on facebook. Very low key, happy event- they wanted it that way. I came home and we packed up the babies for their first sleep over from home. They went to my in-laws and did pretty well. Sean and I didn't plan anything- wanted to be local and close in case we needed to pick them up that night. We went to dinner at an Italian restaurant and then briefly walked around the mall. and home by 9:30... such losers! ha! We talked about going to a movie, but again, if we needed to rush over there, needed to be available. When we got home, the house was quite. it was a weird feeling to not have them there.

Sunday morning Sean went fishing. I waited for Hunter to wake up and then we headed over to my in laws about 11am to get the kids. They did well there, though Quinlin wouldn't go to sleep. We've been having this issue with her at home too but are staying firm and letting her cry it out. Instead of sleeping in the crib at Grandma's, they fell asleep together in the queen size bed- holding hands. Is that not the cutest thing? I brought them home about 1pm for nap time, watched some football and when they woke up we went to the local pumpkin patch. We loved it.

 Climbing the haystacks

 a turkey- very close


 Seeing the animals in the barn

 The pumpkin cannonballs

 Quinlin did not want to put her head in the hole
We brought home two pumpkins, kettle corn and a caramel apple. Hope to carve the pumpkins tonight!


  1. Aw! Looks like such a fun weekend. You are blessed with an adorable family.

  2. Aw! Looks like such a fun weekend. You are blessed with an adorable family.