Monday, July 8, 2013


Know what makes me feel old? aside from my birthday yesterday (37...ahem...29 again), my first born is officially on the road as a licensed driver! He has had his temps for almost a year, but we held off on letting him get his license as a motivator for school his sophomore year. So- I finally signed him up for driver's ed through the school in the spring and he successfully completed the needed amount of drive time. A huge thank you to my father who took him driving (a ton) and worked on maneuverability with him.

Hunter finished his in cars with the driving school in May and we finally felt like he was ready to take his test in June. The first opening was July 3rd, so off to the BMV we went! He used my dad's car as it was a little smaller than my SUV and it worked out really well. He hopped in the car with the driving officer and started the maneuverability portion first. My parents and I hid behind a car and watched the entire time. We saw him drive through the cones and reverse back into them- completing that portion with flying colors! I got all teary eyed with pride for him knowing he passed that section and knew he'd be fine on the driving portion.

About 5 or so minutes later, he returned to the BMV, huge smile on his face. What a huge accomplishment for him- and such responsibility.

He's only had his license for 5 days now, but it has been wonderful. He has made 2 little trips to the grocery store for me, and has driven to work about 4 times now on his own. Fingers crossed he continues to be cautious and safe. Now I know what my parents went through... a few more grey hairs may have popped onto my head these last few days. I will blame it on the teenage driver, not the birthday.

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