Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh Hunter, Oh Hunter...what am I going to do with you?

Well, sophomore year started well, and then this quarter happened. And truthfully, he did well. Minus one class. The one class that the teacher is the hardest on him, the one class where he needs to learn responsibility and accountability. The one class where I think he realized for the first time that he can't just "get by". That he has to work- and try- and study.

Report cards come out on Friday. I believe he pulled a 3.0 (if what he's telling me about getting an A in gym class actually happens). A 3.0 is great. I'm happy with a 3.0. What I'm not happy about? That it could have been much higher except he got a D in American Literature. He failed a big paper- that he knew was a huge portion of the grade. Basically, he could have not gone to class all quarter and probably still have gotten the same grade in the class. It's so frustrating. I believe his final grade is a 68.42%. Granted, report cards have not come out, but I know the grade isn't changing. We have access to view them daily on progress book. Thank goodness. I stalk it. Like seriously stalk. Daily.

Well, because he got a D, he got grounded. No ipod, no computer unless it was for school work, no PlayStation 3. And what happened? We went out Saturday night and left him alone for the night. Guess what he did? Played the PlayStation and went on the computer. When we asked him about it, he lied and said he didn't play any games. Then 5 minutes later, came back and admitted he lied and that he played about 5 or 6 games Saturday night because he was bored. The thing is? we already had him busted. Sean's co-worker ratted him out because he saw him online playing on Saturday.

So- for lying, he has now lost his cell phone and snowboarding. He had ski club today and is missing it. Not sure how long the grounding will go on for, we may need to throw him a bone here or there. But, I don't know what else will get through to him that this is not OK. It's clearly him being a typical teenager. But it's the lack of disrespect that I cannot handle. And the fact that I do not, nor can trust him.

He woke up for school yesterday saying he didn't feel well. Sorry- are you lying? do you really not feel well? How can we tell you are telling the truth? He did look miserable. But, you know what? we sent him to school anyway. Karma's a bitch. The school called about 9:00am and the nurse said he had gotten sick and we needed to pick him up. Sean went and got him (Sean was home with an ear infection and Owen was home with croup). He went to his room and slept most of the day. Still didn't feel 100% this morning, but off to school he went. It's the first week of the grading period, I cannot let him get behind.

But- the good to all of this? I think he's a good test taker. So far, for the mid terms that I have seen, he got a B on his Literature (go figure) exam, an A on History, and an A (I think) on trigonometry. And- he took a pre ACT test and scored in the range of 25-29 with most scores being above 90% of his grade level. I know he's smart, he just needs to apply himself.

And learn to tell the truth.

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