Wednesday, January 9, 2013

December 2012- A long picture filled recap

Well- life has gotten crazy. Between work, the kids, and lack of motivation, it's taken me a while to keep up with my blog. So, to make sure I am still documenting, I am backtracking a bit and need to recap the month of December, minus my trip to NY which I already talked about. And after going through all the pictures, I need to get out there and buy an actual camera. It's a shame, the kids are only little for so long, and I feel like many of the memories will be in blurry pictures.

1st weekend of December, we put up our Christmas tree. We moved it to a corner in the room opposite to where we have always put it and liked it so much better. The room seemed bigger and not as cluttered as it did Christmases past. Owen enjoyed every minute of decorating.

Quinlin could care less.

And notice how all the ornaments are mysteriously 3 feet tall?

Isn't the tree pretty?

We went to see Santa

We had a holiday party- yet I didn't get pictures of the people, just the food I prepared? odd, right? We had about 45 people come over throughout the night and had a great time.

Santa came to Owen and Quinlin's daycare- and this time Quinlin wasn't scared. He liked his beard much better.

We went to the rainforest

Quinlin decided to set up a picnic for her friends

She then told me it was lamby's birthday, so she fed and him and read him books and sang him songs

Isn't she pretty? She finally asks to wear dresses

My parents came over to celebrate Hanukkah

The kids were spoiled

Quinlin loved her jewelry...but kind of looked like a drag queen?

We did a ton of sledding and drank lots of cocoa

Christmas was finally here and we went to Sean's mom's for Christmas Eve


 Then to our house that night where Santa arrived

And then our house looked like this
Quinlin got a kitchen from Grandma...and Sean was stuck putting it together (and not very happy about it)

 It's nicer than mine
Ice Fishing has begun. Say goodbye to my hubby any chance he can get to get on the ice. 

 And then it was New Years. We had the neighbors over to celebrate.

 and the after effects of staying up until after midnight

I'm sorry this was such a long post. I need to do better about posting more timely. Month long recaps are hard!

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