Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thanksgiving and gummy worms

It's already almost Christmas, but I didn't want to not post about Thanksgiving. We had a nice little holiday. We hosted and had my parents, Sean's mom, Sean's sister, my sister and my neighbor and his son for the holiday. Everyone brought some side dishes and the holiday went off without a hitch.

We deep fried the turkey and the weather was nice that the kids were outside a lot as I was getting side dishes cooked. We even got to introduce pumpkin pie to our neighbor's co-workers who were visiting from Japan. So fun to have everyone over and give people a family to celebrate with when their own may not have been available.

Also Thanksgiving weekend, my sister came over for a planned activity to do with Quinlin and Owen. Because she lives out of town, she wanted to have experiences with them that they will remember as they grow older. That day's activities was making gummy worms. The funniest was when she started out and the teacher that she is said "this is seaweed. do you know what seaweed does?" and tried a whole little lesson plan with it. Owen and Quinlin just wanted to get to the goods!

stirring the seaweed mixture

adding colored sugar

making interesting shapes

putting gummies in the sour mix

shaking it up!

yum, gummies

They had a really nice time doing it. We went to lunch afterwards with my cousin who was in town and then my sister was on her way back home (she lives out of town).

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