Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My trip to NY

I left on Monday morning for my flight to NY. I was excited to go, but am not a big traveller, so was a little intimidated going alone. I realized this was the first time that I had ever travelled alone. Ever! I had a co-worker drive me to the airport since it is relatively close to my office. I was at the airport at 9:35am for my 11:30am flight. I walked right up to security, no line at all, and then straight to my gate. My gate was oddly empty so I went to look at signs and grab a bite to eat. I brought my bagel back to the gate and sat down. I was alone for a while until 4 people showed up and then one other random passenger. They thought it was odd as well that we were alone. They did some investigating and we found out another AA flight was delayed from earlier in the morning and we were moved onto that flight. I couldn't believe we were never told about it and wonder what would have happened had they not inquired. would I have completely missed my flight to NY?

So, I waited at the other gate and we were being told that there were delays due to weather and to just hold tight. About an hour later, they said we could board the plane so I got on only to be told that LGA was now saying 1 hour delays. So, off the plane I went. I finally got back on and I think took off and landed in NY maybe only 2 hours later than originally planned.

I had a car service pick me up at the airport and my plan was to go straight to the hotel, drop my items, meet a few co-workers there and then off to the office. I of course had to take pictures of my hotel and experience so Sean could see everything. I wish he could have been there with me!

The hotel was really nice. Modern, fun, good location. Rooms were small, but it was just me so the size was fine. The bathtub shower had a transparent window next to the bed.

The hotel overlooked a little ice skating rink.
 The view from the bathroom.

The elevators played these cool little movies.

We stayed at the office briefly and then went to Park Bar for drinks and then to our dinner reservation. Dinner was at STK in the meatpacking district. It was amazing. Cool atmosphere, fantastic food and even better company. There were 8 of us and I had such a nice time.

the scallops

mini burgers
 My dinner- steak and filet. Amazing!

 lobster mac n cheese

 truffle fries

After dinner, one of my co-workers who lives in NY, went with me to see the tree. How could I not go to NY and see the tree and the ice skating rink at Christmastime?

The lego store at Rockefeller even had a display of the buildings and the rink. so cute.

 It was raining pretty consistently so we took a cab and dropped me off at the hotel. We drove through Times Square,

drove by Madison Square Garden,  and made it back to my hotel. The live it up person that I am was back in my room in time to watch Teen Mom 2.

The following morning, I went into the office and grabbed my co-worker and did a little more touristy things. We had some errands to run too, but first stop, go to the diner from Seinfeld.  

and we were hungry, so we ate there too. (different inside obviously then what was on the tv show but there were tons of pictures inside from the cast of the show) 

we did some shopping- Hermes, Bergdorf Goodman, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany
 hello pretty Kate Middleton inspired Tiffany ring...

I did some business items as well and then made it back to the airport for my 6:30pm flight. Got home about 8:30 and it was so nice to pull into the garage, see the door swing open with two little underpant only wearing kids standing in the doorway screaming my name. So nice to get away, and I had a blast, but so nice to come home!

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