Monday, June 14, 2010

It's been a while...

Geez- It's been a while since I have posted... I wanted to stay on top of my posts as more of a journal for me and what we have been up to but I guess when you miss a few days. the days/weeks start blending together.

Let's see if I can come up with some recaps. The first weekend of June was pretty busy. That Saturday, I went to Aurora for a mini baby shower for Melissa. I should have known not to bring the babies during what would be naptime. They both fell asleep on the way over (you seriously would have thought we were driving for hours the way they passed out). Once we got there, I brought them in but went back to my car to get my gift, appetizer, etc. I came back to have found that Owen fell out of the front door trying to come after me. He had a nice gash inside his mouth and his lip was purple. I felt horrible. I tried to soothe him but he was whiny and when he was finally calm, Q felt the need to chime in upset as well. It did not go well. I think I stayed maybe 40 minutes (if that). I didnt even get to enjoy my chipotle. I decided to leave because I thought it would have been easier on everyone- no crying babies, no bitchy mama, etc. So- we drove off, I was in a pissed off mood, felt like a bad parent, felt sorry for myself, etc. Came home and tried to shake it off. We all took naps and afterwards, I felt like a new person.

That night we went to Farhenheit with a great group- Jimmy and Tanya, Kelli and Zach (he got red carded so wasnt allowed to travel with his team to NY so got to come to Cleveland for the weekend), Sawsan and Mike, Matt and Kerry and Melanie. Dinner was great- I got the tomato and mozzarella salad and the steak and potatoes. Sean got the kobe ribs. We enjoyed it but the bill was expensive (worked out to about $120/couple) so we would probably only go back on special occassions. Afterwards we went to the Flying Monkey. Really a fun night!

Nothing eventful happened this past week. Quinlin turned 5 months (wont do a dear Quinlin letter, but she is now flipping all around in her crib or on the floor, gets stuck in all different locations from where you leave her, fully rolls to her stomach from her back, size 2 diapers, 3-6 month/6 month clothes and talks a ton). We tried her out in her jumparoo this week. It was the cutest thing to see her trying to figure it out. Owen also has been having fun with her in it trying to "teach" her what to do. I have a great teeny video snippet but am having problems loading it. Hopefully blogger will let me load it soon.

This was actually him trying to give her the binky back. He kept saying "ouhim" because that's the sound he makes when he wants his... so cute!

This past weekend was ok. Hunter went to Florida/Cruise with my parents to the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. I think he was excited to go. I miss him already.

Sean had his vasectomy. It all went well. I was very unsure prior to him having it done, but I have come to peace with it. We dont want any more kids...and I'm sure if we had to have another, we could reverse or somehow make it happen.

Quinlin took a spill yesterday from her car seat to the tile floor in the kitchen. I placed her in so I could make her cereal and came back to her arching out of it and landing about 2.5 feet to the tile floor. She screamed for about a minute and calmed down and was happy as a clam the rest of the night. But I was on pins and needles while she slept. I dont know what I would have done if something happened to her. On the flip side...she slept all night.

This morning started with me backing into our basketball hoop. Lovely that I now have a large scratch on the side of the Pilot. Needless to say, I have an appointment booked at Sunnyside this afternoon...

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