Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Life has been chugging away for us. We have been so busy just kind of living life, I guess. The kids have been relatively healthy, with the exception of this past week. Owen ended up in urgent care for vomiting, and that ended up actually being strep. Quinlin then went to the doctor and had a sinus infection, and Sean is just overall run down so getting sick. Hunter has been the healthy one, minus one day at school where we had to pick him up early for not feeling well (and he only had an hour left to his day). He has a cough now, but I blame that on him being 16 and not wearing a coat, because he's "too cool".

Speaking of the 16 year old, he finishes driver's education tomorrow. So- now all we need to do is complete his 50 hours of driving and he can take his driver's test. I'm trying to let him drive more and more, but it's hard to have the time. I picked him up yesterday from school and he drove home (yet, after living here for 8 1/2 years, still questioned the way, which I found odd). He also is doing well in school currently, and with his social life. There's a girl he's interested in and he might have a date this weekend. We shall see. Of course, I'm the embarrassing mother and he wants to avoid me driving him if he can. I laugh. I always thought since I had him young, I wouldn't be embarrassing. Apparently, step dads are much cooler.

Owen and Quinlin are little sponges right now. Learning like crazy. Owen has started writing his last name and is getting so good at coloring in the lines and trying to write. Many things I still need to work on with him. We have decided to officially not start him in kindergarten this fall. It was a difficult decision, he's the only one in his preschool class not moving on, but he also is the youngest. We factored in the August birthday and determined that he just wouldn't be ready and would benefit from an extra year.

Quinlin, aside from her diva moments, is blossoming and growing so much. She's so sweet- with the things she says and does. Her expressions crack me up. We walked into a store this weekend and she exclaimed "wow, it's just so beautiful". Beautiful is her adjective as of late as well. Everything is beautiful- the weather, her brother, her food. I love her.

Work is going well. My office is going under a 4 month renovation and therefore, starting on Monday, I will be working from home. I can see this as a positive and a negative. My house is not large enough and does not have a home office. So- we will be a little hillbilly for the next 4 months and have a folding table in my bedroom where I will set up shop. I have an office phone at home already and that's where it is, so I will bring my boxes of things I will need in the next few months and see how it goes. I will pop into the office maybe twice a week for administrative things I cannot do at home (scanning, copying, and to check the mail). All of it is fine, I will adjust. And I am thankful I have a job and somewhere to work. So- little transitions here and there.

My friends are good. We've seen them quite a bit lately which is nice. Now that the weather is warming, we can finally come out of hiding and see the neighbors more and actually do things and not feel so cooped up.

Lastly, prayers to my friend Colleen as she and her husband are reaching the end of his cancer fight. Please keep them in your thoughts. Praying for peace and comfort to their entire family.

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